Allways Grip Never Slips!

Keystone offers a full line of inserts and dies which include: elevator inserts for all Slip Type Elevators; slip inserts for all types of slips; tong dies; and coil tubing inserts for elevators, slips, and spiders. We also manufacture tong dies for the ST-80 Iron Roughneck.

We manufacture our dies and inserts from quality materials and precision machine them to exacting tolerances. They are heat-treated to industry standards to provide the best wear and resistance for the harshest of environments.

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Tools You Can Trust!

KET is a leading provider of various pipe handling tools. We only manufacture tools you can trust! Quality is our goal and aim! We precision-machine all of our equipment to meet or exceed API Standards.

With the API monogram and the Keystone logo stamped on our equipment ensures you are using quality equipment. We understand the critical requirements of the oil and gas industry and the need for high-quality parts. All our handling tools are made in the USA.

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Keystone Manufactured Valves

Keystone is the first drill pipe float valve manufacturer
to offer a certified, pressure- tested float valve. Since
2017 we have offered and sold pressure tested float
valves with high-and-low pressure test charts to our
customers, upon request. We manufacture a large range of valves at Keystone and also have a full range of repair kits available.

Rotating Mouse Hole

The Keystone Gen 2 Rotating Mousehole addresses the issues that were associated with the original RMH. These improvements will extend the standard warranty and add years to the life of the RMH. The RMH allows the drilling crew to quickly and efficiently build stands simultaneously while drilling ahead with the top drive. By utilizing pre-assembled strands, connection time is reduced by as much as 66%.

New "Y Series" Hydraulic Slip Setting Elevator

We satisfy your need, when you need it!

Keystone Energy Tools was established to provide the industry with support and stability from an API 8C certified manufacturer with over fifty years of combined experience in designing, manufacturing, and delivering high-qualityoilfield tools. In addition to providing complete in-house certification .

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